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Design by Bubble Architects

Project overview

  • 9 residential flats
  • Warehouse style building
  • Code for Sustainable Homes level 4

Nine high quality residential units including 1x 3-bed duplex flat, 1x 3-bed penthouse, 3 x 1-bed units, 4x 2-bed units have been completed in Fulham. A derelict 3 storey warehouse within the borough was demolished to create a new 5 storey residential development. A challenging landlocked site with a single façade, the building has been designed with large warehouse style windows to maximize daylight and complement the existing Victorian warehouses in the street. Initially designed in 2009, the Local Authority Hammersmith & Fulham Planning department sought a more traditional design and we secured approval by developing a masonry building that was influenced by the Victorian warehouse buildings in the local street. The overall composition is subdivided into 3 vertical sections using projecting piers which also projects above the general parapet line. The façade has a traditional composition of a base, middle and top. The windows are subdivided into a grid pattern reflecting industrial steel windows. The single communal stairwell utilizes the same London stock brickwork used on the exterior façade with an open riser steel stair allowing light to penetrate from the main rooflight. The building achieves Code level 4